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Who's Meeting In Farnborough?

Masonic Meetings

Craft Lodges



Who's Meeting In Farnborough?

Craft Lodge Meetings

Craft Lodge
Meeting Dates
Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No.1971
4th Thu in Feb, Apr (I), June, Oct, and 2nd Thu in Dec.
Farnborough & North Camp Lodge No.2203
3rd Wed in Feb (I), Mar, May, Oct and Nov.
Aldershot Royal Engineers’ Lodge No.4178
2nd Tue in Feb, Mar, May(I), Oct and Nov.
Mercury Lodge No.4581
4th Wed in Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan and 4th Sat in Feb (I).
Fugelmere Lodge No.5073
3rd Thurs in Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar and Apr (I).
Ferneberga Lodge No.6314
1st Wed in Jan, Mar, Apr, Sept (I), Oct, Nov and Dec.
Semper Fidelis Lodge No.6664
1st Mon in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct (I), Nov and Dec.
Loyalty Lodge No.7154
2nd Thu in Sept (I), Nov, Jan, Mar and May.
More Majorum Lodge No.7786
3rd Sat in Nov, Jan, Mar and May (I).
Lodge of Hospitality No.7927
2nd Mon in Sept (I), Nov, Jan, Mar and May.
Rose of Hampshire Lodge No.8463
3rd Tue in Jan, Feb, Apr (I), Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec.
Mid Wessex Lodge of Installed Masters No8859
3rd Monday in Mar, Jun, and Oct.
Yateley Lodge No.9107
1st Thu in Jan, Mar, May (I), Sept and Nov.
Alder Tree Lodge No.9289
1st Tue in Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov (I) and Dec.
United Progress Lodge No.9336
Last Fri in Nov (I), Feb, Apr and June.
Pegasus Forces Lodge No9393
4th Fri in Feb, Apr, Sept, and Nov
Ashburn St, Johns Lodge No.9395
2nd Thu in Jan, Mar, May, Sept (I) and Nov
Hampshire IOW Motorcyclists Lodge No.9693
3rd Fri in Sept.(I)
St Crispin (Surrey)
Who's Meeting In Farnborough?

Chapter Meetings

Meeting Dates
Secretary Contact
Aldershot Camp Chapter No.1331
3rd Mon in Feb, Apr (I), Sept and Nov.
Connaught Chapter No.1971
3rd Fri in Jan (I) and Sept.
Farnborough Chapter No.2203
4th Thu in Jan, Mar, Sept (I) and Nov
Mercury Chapter No.4581
1st Thu in Feb, Apr (I), Oct and Dec.
Mid Wessex Chapter of Installed First Principals No.8859
1st Sat in Mar (I) and 2nd Sat in Nov.
St. Johns Chapter No.9395
4th Tue in Jan, Mar, Jun and Oct (I).
Who's Meeting at Farnborough?

Side Order Meetings

Side Order
Mark & RAM Lodges
Meeting Dates
Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge of Mark Masters No.349
4th Fri in Mar and 3rd Fri in Nov (I).
Naval & Military Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.54
Last 5th Fri in period of Mar-May and Sept-Nov (I)
Rose Croix of the Ancient & Accepted Rite
Meeting Dates
Faith Chapter
Ferneberga Chapter
2nd Wed in Nov and Jan, and 2nd Thu in Jun (E)